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Out with the old & in with the new

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

To usher in the new year, we’re posting recaps of 2011 and prognostications for 2012 that we’ve gathered from some of our regular sources around the web.
Top 10 Stories of 2011
Catastrophes 2011: The Top 10 — Revisited
2011’s Headlines Set 2012’s Course
Risk & Insurance
OSHA announces top workplace violations for FY 2011
POINT: 2012: A Bang-Up Year for Risk Managers
COUNTERPOINT: 2012: Another Challenging Year for Risk Managers
Business Insurance (registration may be required)
The Year in (Insurance) Cartoons
Business Insurance’s top stories of 2011
Risk Management Magazine
Year in Risk
Joe Paduda
Predictions for 2011 – how’d I do?
Jon Gelman
(Gelman’s) Top 10 Workers’ Compensation Blog Posts for 2011
Larson’s Spotlight: Top 10 Cases for 2011 That You Should Know About
The Year in Review: Top 10 Workers’ Comp Fraud News Stories
Workers Comp Zone
Top 10 Developments in California Workers’ Comp in 2011
OSHA Law Update
Top 5 OSHA Developments to Look Out For In 2012
Top 10 safety stories of 2011 – reader’s choice
Tech Decisions
Top Tech Feature Articles of 2011
HR Daily Advisor
Year in Review
Human Resource Executive
A Look Back: At Employment-Law Issues
A Look Back: At the Workplace

Greatest hits – 20 popular posts from 2011 and 20 all-time faves

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

All of us at Lynch Ryan hope you are enjoying the holiday season. As our year end wrap-up, we are revisiting some of our popular posts, as indicated by post clicks. Thanks for your interest and support in 2011, and we’ll see you around the bend!
Top 20 posts in 2011
Have you protected your employees from this seasonal peril?
Medical Marijuana: Walmart Wins! (Walmart Loses)
Cool work safety tool from WorkSafeBC – “What’s wrong with this photo?”
John T. Dibble’s Sympathetic Ear
Dangerous jobs: window washing at extreme heights
Health Wonk Review: the heatwave edition
The wacky world of workers comp
Managing Chronic Pain, Revisited
Health Wonk Review: Stormy Weather
Social media and workers comp
Independent Contractors in Pennsylvania
Experience Modification Alert: NCCI Changing the Rules
Are nurses and health care workers facing more on-the-job violence?
Low clearance: truckers, this one is for you
The “here’s a guy doing stupid things” safety photo genre
The Not-So-Hidden Cost of Obesity
Record number of grain bin fatalities in 2010; OSHA cites employers

NCCI suggests a “precarious outlook prevails” for the workers comp market

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace: Dude, Lock Me Out!

Managing Chronic Pain

All time greatest hits
We’ve been blogging for more than 8 years, but our stat counter has only been tracking for about half that time. In that time, we have recorded 1,356,748 visits. Below, we’ve posted the all-time favorites over the 4+ years we’ve been tracking, along with the number of visits to each post. There are no duplicates with the above list. Since about 85% of all visits come from search engines, the list gives you a pretty good window into what types of things people are searching on for worker’s comp topics.
26,766 – You’re fired! Should you terminate an employee who is on workers compensation?
21,138 – Independent Contractor or Employee?
18,180 – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Who Should Pay?
11,100 – The history of workers compensation
7,607 – Can You Terminate an Employee on Workers Comp?
6,607 – Exception to the “going and coming” rule: operating premises
6,309 – The AIG Saga: Joe Cassano’s Performance-Based Compensation
5,349 – Cavalcade of Risk #113 and a scary work scenario
5,320 – Pre-existing conditions and second injuries
5,258 – Heart attacks on the job: are they covered by workers compensation?
4,922 – Workers comp costs and benefits – Current state rankings
4,726 – Controversial Canadian workplace safety ads unveiled
4,550 – Workers’ compensation reform in a New York minute
3,825 – You think your job is tough?
3,693 – Measuring Success 2
3,671 – Poppy Seeds and Drug Testing: False Positives?
3,596 – Underwriting for Dummies?
3,540 = The Comp Success Story in Massachusetts: Who Pays?
3,484 – The Cost of Volunteers
2,870 – Swine Flu Meets Workers Comp

Health Wonk Review and other noteworthy news

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Fresh Health Wonk Review – David Williams has posted a packed & pithy edition of Health Wonk Review over at his Health Business Blog – get your biweekly fill of the best of the health policy blogs.
Social media – Peter Rousmaniere has a roundup of some of the best workers’ comp social networking on the web at Risk and Insurance – we thank him for including us – check out some of the other resources!
Surgical implants – As Joe Paduda is consistently excellent about pointing out, when it comes to work comp medical costs, the devil is in the details. In a recent post, Joe tackles the high cost of surgical implants – a cost that is far higher under workers comp than under group health – and explains payer approaches to resolving the problem, and why they fall short. His advice? “Don’t reimburse based on the invoice. Period.”
Oil spill safety resources

State comp agencies – Roberto Ceniceros posts about struggling comp agencies on his Comp Time blog, a followup to a more in-depth article about how states’ financial woes are squeezing comp systems that appeared in Business Insurance. The recession has decreased payrolls, adding further momentum to the drop in frequency and theoretically resulting in fewer claims to process. But some employers report that state work comp cutbacks are impacting their ability to resolve claims. Some risk managers say that the shortage of administrative judges means that claims take longer to resolve, hearings are delayed, and litigation costs are higher, among other effects.
EBT cards spark suit – In Ohio, the Bureau of Workers Comp is paying workers comp benefits via a Chase debit card. A class action suit has been filed by employees who say that Chase is charging fees if they make more than one withdrawal a month. Many state agencies are using such cards for food stamps and other social programs but we were unaware that they are being used for workers comp. As one of just a handful of monopolistic states, Ohio is the exclusive provider of workers comp, so it makes sense that the state would want to cut administrative costs. Check out the 2004 white paper by the California Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation: the Cost/Benefit of Implementing Electronic Deposit for Unemployment and Disability Benefits in the State of California.
Heat wave – If the recent record high temperatures in the northeast are any indicator, it could be a long hot summer. The Texas Division of Workers Compensation reminds employers to prevent heat related injuries and offers a good check list of safety tips to prep for extreme heat.