Health Wonk Review and other noteworthy news

October 21st, 2016 by Julie Ferguson

Check out the latest and greatest Health Wonk Review Election Edition – Mama Says Eat Your Peas and Don’t Forget to Vote. Peggy Salvatore hosts this pre-election edition at Health System Ed blog and while there are several posts related to policy issues are play in the election, there are several other posts too – check it out!

And while on the topic of elections, marijuana legalization is on the ballot in 5 states this election. The states are populous enough that if all were to be approved, the laws would encompass about one quarter of the US population – critical mass for federal legislation? There are also four states with ballot measures to approve medical marijuana. Russell Berman writes about all this in the Atlantic: Marijuana’s Moment.

Must-read: If you haven’t yet read Joe Paduda’s 2-part series on customer service in workers comp, you need to go there now. In part 1, he makes the case that case that customer service functions must be handled internally; in part 2, he offers a case study demonstrating that it’s not about your company’s metrics, cost structure, or “efficiency”, it’s ALL about your customer.

Opiod News from a recent KHN Morning Briefing: The pharmaceutical industry has taken to treating secondary symptoms of opioid abuse with more pills. Meanwhile, even as the U.S. tries to regulate the trade of chemicals used to make fentanyl, a new, extremely potent drug is hitting the streets.

Other noteworthy news