Fresh Health Wonk Review & New: The HWR Blab

April 8th, 2016 by Julie Ferguson

It’s Health Wonk Review week and Jaan Sidorov has posted A Presidential Politics-Free Health Wonk Review at The Population Health Blog. It contains the maximum on health policy issues of the day and the minimum on politics, as promised. All health policy, all the time! Check it out.

We also have a new Health Wonk Review feature to introduce – the Health Wonk Review Blab. What’s a “Blab”? It’s part video conference, part text chat. After every new HWR, David Harlow and Joe Paduda will join some Health Wonk Review regulars to talk about health policy issues of the day. You can find the pilot edition of HWR Blab here — and here’s a notice for the upcoming edition. You’ll need a Twitter account to sign up and log in, but you can watch live on in replay without an account.