Freshly posted Health Wonk Review: Healthcare Reform: The Path Forward

February 25th, 2016 by Julie Ferguson

Over at Colorado Health Insurance Insider, Louise Norris has posted an excellent edition of Health Wonk Review: Healthcare Reform: The Path Forward.

In her post introduction, Louise notes that:

It’s been nearly six years since the ACA was signed into law. And although most aspects of the law have now been implemented, the debate over its merits have not let up. In this election year, healthcare reform continues to be a hot topic, even dividing Democrats in terms of the best path forward.

She notes that many of this week’s contributors focused on what we can do – including small tweaks as well as major changes – to build on what we’ve already got and make it better – thus “the path forward” theme.

We’re 270 days away from the election – which you may view as an eternity or the flick of an eye, depending on your perspective.  As the primaries unfold, we are at a critical juncture. What the path forward will be is up to every one of us in the choices that we make! Look to the Health Wonk crew to keep you informed about healthcare issues and policies.

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