Celebrating 10 Years of Health Wonk Review: The party’s at Joe’s place

January 29th, 2016 by Julie Ferguson

champagne bottle eruption

Ten years of nerds and wonks opining on health policy, can you believe it? Founder and fearless leader Joe Paduda hosts the 10th Anniversary Edition of Health Wonk Review at Managed Care Matters, noting that this biweekly compendium has logged more than 200 editions. We couldn’t find a good metric for how 10 Internet years compare to real life years, but we think it has to be on par with dog years. Joe puts things in perspective:

“…Yup, since way back in the DSL days, before the birth of the iPhone, before the Great Recession, before health care reform, back when I had brown hair …”

He reflects back on a few highlights and brings a fresh crop of postings from many of the regulars. A good solid edition to mark the occasion – check it out.

Here’s a link if you want to wax nostalgic in the archives.

On a side, note, we were recently alerted to the fact that Workers Comp Insider was added to GWU.edu’s collection of 54 Healthcare Blogs to Read in 2016, We note that Health Wonk Review made the list, along with many past and present wonkers:

  • Joe Paduda
  • Health Affairs
  • Maggie Mahar
  • Brian Klepper
  • David Harlow
  • David Williams
  • The Health Care Blog
  • Healthcare Economist
  • The Health Care IT Guy
  • Health Care Renewal
  • Health News Watchdog Blog
  • InsureBlog
  • Workers Comp Insider