Do’s and Don’ts of an OSHA Inspection

September 23rd, 2015 by Julie Ferguson

A recent news item in struck us as a cautionary tale of what not to do when OSHA comes to visit: don’t try to hide production lines by turning off the lights and instructing workers to hide and be quiet. Don’t threaten employees.

This reminds us of the poster child of what not to do when OSHA comes to visit, a textbook example: Don’t keep two sets of books.

OSHA inspectors arrive unannounced and an inspection is not something you can reschedule to a more opportune time. It’s important to be ready, to know what will occur, to understand your rights and obligations and to have a plan in place. Shortly after reading about the Nebraska employer, we also found this helpful 5 minute video, Why Are OSHA Inspectors In My Lobby, And What Should I Have Already Done To Be Prepared? Attorneys Neil Brunetz and Mike Mallen from Miller & Martin walk you through being ready for an OSHA inspection.


See also: Preparing for an OSHA Inspection, an article by Kyle W. Morriosn in Safety + Health, which includes this handy infographic.

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