Go see Joe for the latest & greatest Health Wonk Review

April 23rd, 2015 by Julie Ferguson

Our esteemed colleague Joe Paduda is hosting the current edition of Health Wonk Review over at Managed Care Matters: The Everything-PPACA edition of Health Wonk Review

We have a tiny cavil with the title of Joe’s post though because although Affordable Care Act issues are prominent in this edition, there are numerous other health policy topics included too — so it’s more accurate billing would be: The Everything-PPACA edition PLUS. Grab a coffee and check it out!

Hats off to Joe, who is the founder and sponsor of Health Wonk Review, which has been going strong since 2006. Thanks also to the many participants who have submitted thoughtful posts over the years and to the regulars who have borne the not insignificant work of hosting. Check out the impressive Health Wonk Review archives for the all-star cast.