March Madness: Health Wonk Review & other notable news

March 28th, 2014 by Julie Ferguson

Chris Fleming has posted A March Madness Health Wonk Review at Health Affairs Blog. As might be expected, Obamacare is a big focus in the submissions, as well as some stellar entries on the healthcare scene in Massachusetts. There’s also a grab bag of assorted topics. Health Affairs Blog and the parent publication Health Affairs is one of the nation’s leading journals of health policy thought and research. If healthcare is a topic on your radar — and if you are an employer, it should be — it’s worth dropping by to keep up to date.
Other notable news:

A bit of humor
You had one job: Funny on-the-job flubs
Bronze Age Orientation Day
The Electronic Morale Booster – How things have changed since 1951
…if you missed the video of the dramatic rescue of a construction worker by the Dallas Fire Department, we’ve posted it below.