WCRI: Upheaval in the Market for Health Care – Facts and Myths

February 5th, 2014 by Julie Ferguson

Tom Lynch will be attending the 2014 WCRI Annual Issues & Research Conference on March 12-13, 2014 – will you be there? Let us know. He’s looking forward to covering some of the events and sessions on the blog. The theme of the conference is an important one: “Upheaval in the Market for Health Care – Facts and Myths.”
Love it or hate it, we’re undergoing a seismic shift in the nation’s health care system and workers’ comp is along for the ride. We hope to learn more about the way that this is likely to impact workers comp. Some of the issues the conference plans to address include:
What might the market for and the delivery of health care look like in the U.S. in five years?
What are Accountable Care Organizations and how are they developing?
How might workers’ compensation systems be affected . . .

  • Vulnerability to cost shift toward workers’ compensation?
  • Opportunities for cost shifting away from workers’ compensation?
  • Impact of increasing size and concentration of health care providers?
  • Impact of federal government regulation of medical prices?How will increased coverage affect access to care for injured workers?
  • What are the major unintended consequences to watch out for?
  • In which states are the effects likely to be largest?

Of course, there will be a host of noteworthy speakers presenting research and presentations on other topics as well – you can learn more about the event here.