First Health Wonk Review of the New Year & some Twitter advice

January 16th, 2014 by Julie Ferguson

In the first edition of the new year, David Williams kicks of Health Wonk Review with the Health Wonk Review: Half glass edition posted at Health Business Blog. Check it out. Plus, if you aren’t doing so already, David is a good person to follow on Twitter: @HealthBizBlog.
Speaking of Twitter – do you use it?
We’re big Twitter fans but we find a lot of people who have misunderstandings about the service. Some people think of it as irrelevant to business but those people are wrong ;-) In the news, you tend to hear only about the crazy, wacky celebrity things or the news about someone caught posting something rash or naughty. But Twitter is large and contains multitudes, including some thriving business communities. It can help if you think of it as microblogging. Even if you don’t want to post yourself, it can be useful to have an account to use as a news feed – there are excellent workers comp, insurance and health care accounts to follow. Following someone’s Twitter feed doesn’t imply endorsement so it’s a good way to keep track of your competitors, too.
Plus, it can be fascinating and fun to follow breaking stories. Twitter is, after all, the new way that news breaks. You can follow business leaders, topic experts, news media, state and local governments, athletes and other celebrities and even the occasional joke account. During a big news or sporting event, following along can be something like being in a big, fast moving live chat. Check out 2013 Year on Twitter for a sampling.
Some people prefer to keep their work and their personal life separate and keep more than one account for that reason.
Here are a few resources to get you started
The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter
Twitter, the Basics
The Twitter Glossary
16 Creative Ways to Use Twitter for Business
Here’s a list of Twitter accounts we gathered that might be useful: US Government Agencies accounts – we selected resources that are helpful to health, safety & labor in the workplace. You can subscribe to this list or pick and choose accounts to follow.
And be sure to follow us here @workcompinsider and our fearless leader, Tom Lynch can be found ar @lynchryan. To find people related to workers comp, just browse through the list of people we are following or who are following us.
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