Hot New Health Wonk Review & Other News of Note

November 7th, 2013 by Julie Ferguson

Brad Wright hosts a fresh edition of Health Wonk Review which dishes up the good the bad & the ugly on the ACA rollout and more; See his post at his Wright on Health blog: If You Like the Health Wonk Review You Currently Have, You Can Keep It
Opioids Webinar – Out friend Joe Paduda, Principal of Health Strategy Associates, is hosting a free webinar next week: Uncapping the Truth: First Annual Survey of Opioids in Workers’ Compensation. It’s sponsored by CID Management and will review results of the Opioid Management Survey recently conducted by his company. It’s scheduled for November 12, 2013 at 2PM EST. Seats are limited, register here.
Workers Comp Report – Those of us in the workers’ comp field are used to getting our news from trade journals and the web, but it’s rare to find a story in the so-called mainstream media – unless things have blow up to crisis level or reform sparks political posturing. Sot we were delighted to see a major feature in CFO magazine: Special Report – Cutting Workers Comp Costs. In the intro, David Katz says that “workers’ comp-related costs are still relegated to the dark corners of financial statements,” but he makes the case that potential drains on cash flow and perverse medical and legal incentives make workers’ comp worthy of CFO scrutiny. He authors two parts of the series, Should CFOs Care About Workers’ Comp? and The Safe Way to Slash Workers’ Comp Costs. WCRI’s Richard Victor authors the third article, Do Financial Incentives Spur Unneeded Medical Care?.
Football – Two more professional football players are suing the NFL and helmet makers for brain injuries and concussive brain trauma. We’ve written about this issue numerous times in the past, including NFL and Dementia: A Changing of the Guard and A Bullet to the Heart. Also see: Junior Seau’s suicide raises the issue of traumatic brain injuries and this dramatic New York Times feature, Images of Brain Injuries in Athletes.
View Frontline‘s full 2-hour investigative report on this issue: League of Denial: The NFL’s Concusssion Crisis. Plus, the site has running news reports and stories on football and concussions.
Also in football news: Workplace Bullying – Even the NFL Isn’t Immune
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