Hurricane Reading: Health Wonk Review, emergency resources, and assorted news of note

October 29th, 2012 by Julie Ferguson

Maggie Mahar posts The Pre-Election Edition of Health Wonk Review: Fact vs. Fiction at her blog, Health Beat. In this weighty issue, she offers her in depth-analysis and opinions of the issues that were raised in submissions she received.
Prepping for Sandy
Batten down the hatches – authorities say that Hurricane Sandy could affect 50 million people on the East Coast. Keep up with Advisories on Hurricane Sandy from the National Hurricane Center. It’s getting a little late, but here are some hurricane-related tips to prepare your workplace and protect your technology. And from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, a Disaster Planning for Small Businesses
State Offices of Emergency Management :

Yes, we are on to this week’s disaster, but if you are curious about last week’s news, see Claire Wilkinson’s overview of the Maine earthquake that rattled New England.
News Briefs
If you’re home bound waiting out the hurricane, or even if you’re not, here are some links to catch up on your work comp reading: