Brainy Edition of Health Wonk Review & some new business blog suggestions

August 16th, 2012 by Julie Ferguson

Dr. Jaan Sidorov has posted A Brainy Health Wonk Review on Health Reform, the Affordable Care Act and Lots More! at Disease Management Care Blog. Health Wonk Review is on an abbreviated summer schedule but the wonkers still have a lot to share and Jaan does a great job dishing it up – check it out.
Additions to our blogroll
From time to time, we update our blogroll with new blog finds – and we also clear out some of the less active blogs. It’s exciting to see such a thriving workers comp and insurance community online – back in 2003, when we started, it was a pretty lonely place! Check them all out under “Business Weblogs” in our right hand sidebar. We also have a variety of other useful tools if you haven’t checked them out yet!

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