Greatest hits of 2008; Top ten of all time

December 30th, 2008 by Julie Ferguson

It’s that time of year when the media takes a look back at the top stories of the preceding year so we thought we’d jump on the seasonal bandwagon and offer a retrospective of our top posts for 2008, along with a list of the top 10 most popular posts of all time.
Your top 20 favorites of 2008
Bullshit as Science: A Test for Malingerers
The AIG Saga: Joe Cassano’s Performance-Based Compensation
Shooting Lawyers the Bird: The Tribune’s Employee Handbook
AIG: Farewell, My (Not-So) Lovely?
S. 2044: Obama weighs in on independent contractors
Lost Youth: the stories of four teens injured at work
ADA Restoration Act: The Fix Needs Fixing
Independent Contractors: New Hampshire Defines, FedEx Whines
The best health care plan in America
When play becomes work, or the case of the traveling employee
Comp Fraud Meets Moose
Health Wonk Review: the beach blogging edition
White Collar Crimes: Marsh & McClennan, AIG & GenRe
Contractors vs employees: KBR and Blackwater shell games
Accident investigation slideshows
Real Injuries, Phony Claims
Eight steps to controlling workers’ compensation costs in your companyPost Traumatic Stress Disorder: Not in This Army!
Abusive Behavior as a Disability?
The 41-hour smoke break and other elevator stories
Your top 10 all-time favorites
You’re fired! Should you terminate an employee who is on workers compensation?
The history of workers compensation
Independent Contractor or Employee?
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Who Should Pay?
Controversial Canadian workplace safety ads unveiled
Workers comp costs and benefits – Current state rankings
Workers’ compensation reform in a New York minute
Poppy Seeds and Drug Testing: False Positives?
Measuring success
Exception to the “going and coming” rule: operating premises