Cavalcade of Risk and other news items

September 25th, 2008 by Julie Ferguson

A new edition of Cavalcade of Risk is posted at American Consumer News, and as you might expect, quite a few bloggers weigh in on Wall Street-related matters.
Also related to the financial goings-on:
Business Insurance features a special section on AIG in Crisis with daily news coverage updates and other features.
Insurance Journal conducted a survey of 1,000 insurance producers and learned that about 25% have moved business from AIG to competitors, while about 35% said the financial crisis is not likely to have any effect on their placement decisions.
RIMS has scheduled a two-part webinar – Risk Management Strategies in an Unsettled Financial Market – taking place today, September 25 and tomorrow, September 26. They have been designed to assist risk managers in developing short- and long-term coverage strategies, and to consider the implications of the current environment on bonds, capital markets and the insurance market. Today features The Insurer’s Perspective from 1-2 PM, EST, and tomorrow features The Broker Perspective. These are free to members of RIMS, $30 for nonmembers.
And in other news …
Healthcare documentary – PBS has what looks to be an interesting film about health care on P.O.V. this coming Tuesday. “Critical Condition” by Roger Weisberg puts a human face on the nation’s growing health care crisis by capturing the harrowing struggles of four critically ill Americans who discover that being uninsured can cost them their jobs, health, home, savings, even their lives. You can see a preview of Critical Condition or access a number of resources on information about health care reform and the presidential candidates’ stances on health care, as well as some basic facts about the uninsured.
Follow-up – Workers comp is not a topic that often finds its way into presidential elections so we are following the developments with the Palin connection with some interest. Last week, my colleague Jon blogged about the Palin – workers comp connection, and today we have a followup with coverage from a local source, KTUU: Probe turns to workers’ compensation claim. The Anchorage Daily News reports that Wooten’s attorney saw no intervention, but he also said that doesn’t mean the adjuster at the private Anchorage company that processed Wooten’s claim didn’t feel pressure to deny his benefits, a matter that is still under investigation. I am thinking we may need to send Jon Coppelman ot Anchorage to investigate further!
OSHAEHS Today reports on the recent release of the Top 10 OSHA violations – they tend to be consistent year to year. Also, see their article on The Future of OSHA, a report on a panel at the recent National Safety Council (NSC) Congress and Expo in Anaheim, Calif. We were happy to see that our friend Jordan Barab, senior labor policy advisor to the House Committee on Education, was on this panel. We agree with Barab that OSHA needs to re-assert its leadership role in workplace safety. That role has been attenuated in this era of voluntary compliance; lately, we are seeing an example of the failure that can ensue with too little regulatory oversight.