New Health Wonk Review, ably hosted by Maggie Mahar

November 15th, 2007 by Julie Ferguson

Maggie Mahar of Health Beat has posted a fresh edition of Health Wonk Review, which is ready for your perusal. With the political season upon us, HWR has been quite lively of late, as participants debate the various health plans that candidates throw into the public arena. This week is no exception, with posts commenting on ideas put forth by Romney, Schwarzenegger, and Giuliani. (Well, OK, the Governator is not a presidential candidate, but any reforms in the behemoth of California should be of interest to us all.) Maggie also covers and offers analysis on the ongoing debate on universal health care as it plays out on some submitted posts, specifically in reaction to a recent editorial by Peter Huber of the Manhattan Institute. And there’s much, much more in this week’s HWR, all tied together with excellent and informed commentary.
This is Maggie Mahar’s first time hosting Health Wonk Review. Maggie’s blog is relatively new, a project of The Century Foundation, a nonprofit public policy research institution, where she is a fellow. But Maggie is hardly a rookie when it comes to health care – she boasts a very impressive resume. Author of several books, Maggie was previously a financial journalist whose work appeared in Institutional Investor, The New York Times, and Barron’s. At Barron’s, she was a senior editor for a number of years. She was also previously a professor at Yale University, from which she holds a B.A. and a Ph.D. She’s a very welcome addition to the roster of experts who participate in Health Wonk Review!

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