Health Wonk Review #34

June 14th, 2007 by Julie Ferguson

For the latest reads on health policy issues – everything from Armageddon to the uterus – head on over Health Business Blog. David Williams has done a masterful job in compiling the latest Health Wonk Review.
David’s blog is always worth a read, too. We enjoyed the recent podcast and transcript of an interview with Rudy Rupak, Founder and President of Planet Hospital, one of the leading Medical Tourism companies. Rupak discusses a trip that opened his eyes to the potential for medical tourism:

“We started the company in 2002 when my fiancee and I were traveling overseas in Bangkok. I describe her as a professional patient and she got ill while we were in Bangkok and refused to go to a third-world hospital. She had visions of…you know, tents instead of buildings. And I tell her, at least get a shot of painkillers and come back to the hotel room or something. Now we go there and this hospital was just truly amazing. And, she had her own private nurse, a doctor who saw her within 20 minutes of her arrival, took ownership of the problem, and a chef to take care of her meal requirements based on the doctor’s orders. After three days stay with her medications, tests, etc., her bill was a staggering 411 dollars. And that’s when I thought there is a business here.

Also, David posts about sun exposure and UV protection – a timely issue with summer upon us — and July is UV Safety Month. David discusses the SHADE Foundation, established by Sondra Schilling (wife of Red Sox ace Curt Schilling) and offers some resources for sun protection.