Cavalcade of Risk #28

June 20th, 2007 by Julie Ferguson

We’re pleased to be hosting Cavalcade of Risk as we embark on Year 2. We have a full house today, so we’ll dispense with any introductory blather and get right to the meat of the matter!
Bork Buzz – Eric Turkewitz of New York Personal Injury Law Blog looks at Robert Bork’s million dollar plus trip/fall lawsuit suit against the Yale Club, a story that has the media and law blawgs buzzing. Eric files this under “risk to your reputation.”
Shock waves in health care markets – Robert Laszewski of Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review examines a recent Wall Street Journal article that sent shock waves through the health insurance markets with the headline “Health Savings Plans Start to Falter.” Bob posits that consumer-driven health care is a concept built on a free market foundation, a foundation proving to be pretty weak.
Another country heard from… Michael Cannon of Cato@Liberty was nonplussed when looking at the same WSJ article (see the post above) about the way consumers are viewing Health Savings Accounts. He sees some initial consumer dissatisfaction as necessary and inevitable, and thinks it should mitigate with expansion.
Uncharted waters ahead for businesses and insurers. Leon Gettler of Sox First looks at some of the frightening liability scenarios that could emerge around climate change.
Money for nothing – Golbguru at Money, Matter, and More Musings wonders if free money increases risk tolerance in his post Mind Games – Guaranteed $500,000 Or A 50% Chance At $1 Million?. He points out that this is a strategy used by TV shows and gambling places to get people to take unreasonable risks.
Bridging the gap – Christina Laun of Ask the Adviser offers 17 important financial tips for women to help counter the financial disadvantages that most women face in the area of finances. Sound advice that men could benefit from, too!
How much is your life worth? – Jason Shafrin of Healthcare Economist offers a brief review of some methods economists use to measure the value of a person’s life.
The sky is fallingWenchypoo’s crystal ball says that we’ve been in a cleverly-disguised recession for some time and it may bottom out into a full-blown depression. But whether it’s a recession or a depression, the sky is falling on someone who is unprepared. She suggest there is a lot we can learn from our forebears who faced tough financial times before.
Heartless or pragmatic? – Which is more important, your job or a family member’s health, perhaps even life? Before you answer, check out a true story posted by InsureBlog’s Hank Stern. He examines a recent the case of a woman who was denied time off to donate a kidney.
Seasonal risk – David Williams of Health Business Blog looks at another type of personal risk: sun and UV exposure. He offers several resources, including the SHADE Foundation, established by Red Sox ace Curt Schilling’s wife, Sondra Schilling.
Risk and compensability – Jon Coppelman of Workers Comp Insider examines the unusual case of a worker who was injured after fainting while in the john. Who foots the bill for such unexplained injuries – the employer or the employee?
Crystal ball in workers comp – Joe Paduda of Managed Care Matters offers an insider’s take on where the workers comp market is headed.
Much ado about nothing – Tanta, blogging at Calculated Risk, questions whether the whole recent kerfuffle over sub-prime mortgage delinquencies is useful
Reducing the risks – The folks at Healthoma tell us that more fiber in our diets can help women reduce their risk of contracting breast cancer.
Dying to be thinDollymix alerts us to a new health concern. We’ve all heard of bulimia, but the newest concern on the disorder front is “Diabulimia;” young, female diabetics are skipping their insulin injections in the hopes of slimming down. Scary, and thus far under the radar.
War on dieting – Is dieting itself a major health risk? The folks at Feed Me! think so, and seem to have the science to back it up.
Surgery as prevention – Louise at Colorado Health Insurance Insider makes the case for why health insurance companies should cover bariatric surgery.
Weighing the risksFundsZine breaks things down in chunks in explaining one type of low risk mutual type funds: money market funds. Stay tuned, it’s the first in a series on the advantages and disadvantages of various mutual fund types.
Beware the lone wolf insider – ID theft still makes news (and rightly so). Ed, writing at Operational Risk Management blog, has some disturbing information on the potential for employees to exploit lax auditing protocols.
Watching the watchers – The FDA Law Blog keeps an eye on the Federal Drug Administration, and in a recent post, alerts us to a new advisory group that the FDA is looking to set up.
Punishment and rewards – Chandler Howell, blogging at Not Bad For a Cubicle, uses the current system of prison safety as his launching pad to explain the difference between progressive risk management and regressive risk management.
Time to sell your life insurance policy?Insurance Help Hub offers guidance the matter of when and why you should consider life insurance settlements.
Every picture tells a story – the Silicon Valley Blogger at Digerati Life uses photos and pictures to illustrate a lesson in the differences between stock market technical analysis and fundamental analysis.
Managing riskAtlantic Canada’s Small Business Blog notes that risk management is the process of identifying potential negative outcomes and managing them while realizing potential opportunities. They offer a primer on developing a risk management strategy for the small business.
Watch for our next issue – The Cavalcade of Risk’s July 4th issue – will be posted on July 5th, and it’s hosted by Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket – so be sure to drop by Wenchypoo’s for some mental stimulation after your July 4 holiday!

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