Keeping up with RIMS from the sidelines

May 2nd, 2007 by Julie Ferguson

The Risk and Insurance Management Society’s annual meeting – the insurance industry’s equivalent of Woodstock – is currently in progress in New Orleans. For those of you who are sidelining things this year, our colleague Joe Paduda is blogging the event, so you might tune in to Managed Care Matters this week to get his perspective on things. And if you have a subscription to Business Insurance, you can follow along with daily video coverage of RIMS. You can keep up with some related headlines that hit the media by running a Google news search on RIMS, although this will also return some unrelated news on non-related “rims” matters, like things pertaining to tires.
You can also follow any media releases that RIMS issues. One of the more interesting releases to date is the 2006 Annual Benchmark Survey which notes that “the commercial insurance industry continued to experience an overall decline in total cost of risk in 2006.” According to the 1200 survey participants, although there was significant variation by industry segments, the average total cost of risk fell by 9.2 percent for all survey participants.