Health Wonk Review #31 – The Derby Edition

May 3rd, 2007 by Julie Ferguson

HG Stern has a refreshing edition of Health Wonk Review up at InsureBlog and the post sports a jaunty look in keeping with Kentucky Derby week. Stop by to sample the fare – there are a few submissions from blogs that appear to be newcomers to HWR, as well as numerous posts from “the usual suspects.”
InsureBlog is one of the mainstay blogs in the insurance world, having been around for two and a half years. It features posts and contributions from insurance dudes from various parts of the country: OH, CA, GA, CT. Founder HG Stern and Bob Vineyard are the blog’s two most frequent contributors. Prof Stern is also noted in the blogosphere for having launched Cavalcade of Risk, our other favorite biweekly carnival. Just to give you a flavor of InsureBlog, here’s a sampling of a few recent posts that we found interesting:
One Woman’s story
Scammers and Fools
The Flipside of Empowerment…