New tools & resources for our sidebar

March 19th, 2007 by Julie Ferguson

We’ve just completed some housekeeping on our sidebar resources, making a few additions and deletions to ensure things are up to date. If you haven’t noted this part of our blog yet, take a quick scroll through the column to the right – we’ve compiled hundreds of links in various categories to workers compensation and related resources. Here are some of the new resources we’ve just added:
Insurance Information Institute – Bob Hartwig is one of the nation’s most knowledgeable workers’ comp experts – we can’t believe we didn’t have this essential resource in our sidebar yet!
Ergonomics in the News – is a news blog by Usernomics featuring articles for workplace ergonomics, safety, and biometrics. In addition to sourcing some really useful articles like the one on kitchen foot protection, they also keep us up on some cool and futuristic technology innovations and tools.
The Naval Safety Center Photo of the Week features a new photo each week highlighting a frighteningly unsafe work practice. We’ve linked to it before, but we will be adding it to our sidebar.
Gruntled Employees is a blog by attorney Jay Shepherd. The blog’s premise is that “Managers, executives, in-house counsel, and HR people know all about disgruntled employees. They cost employers billions of dollars each year in lawsuits, attorneys’ fees, lost productivity, and wasted time. Here we discuss how to keep employees gruntled. We also talk about dealing with your lawyers.” Here at Workers’ Comp Insider, we’re all for gruntled employees!
Google Blog Search is Google’s blog-specific search engine, helpful if you want to track news on just the blogs.
In a bit of housekeeping, we moved Confined Space archives to our Safety Resources. It won’t be updated regularly, but the archives are very valuable. We hope our friend Jordan Barab is making progress in DC! On the safety front, we would also remind you to visit Weekly Toll. We also note the address change for Brent Hunsberger’s At Work blog from OregonianLive.