Get your wonk on

March 9th, 2007 by Julie Ferguson

Grab a coffee and sit yourself down for a spell. Hot off the presses, the 27th edition of Health Wonk Review. This week, it’s hosted by Joe Paduda at Managed Care Matters, capo di tutti capi when it comes to health wonkery.
When you have had your fill of wonkery, mosey on over to check out a few other posts on Joe’s blog. Lately, drugs have been on his mind – probably because he has been putting the finishing touches on his upcoming 4th annual prescription drug management in workers comp. And after attending the recent Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute annual meeting in Arizona, he started wondering how drugs make it on to formularies. He also offers a few fun facts about workers comp drugs, as well as some thoughts on the primary cost drivers.
And while on the topic of health wonkery, we’d like to draw your attention to Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review, which bills itself as “a review of the latest developments in federal health policy and marketplace activities in the health care financing business.” The blog is authored by Bob Laszewski, who Joe Paduda calls “the smartest man in health care policy,” an epithet that his resume would bear out. Check out his recent series of posts on Massachusetts health reform plan and the potential chilling effect it could have on other reform efforts. If you’d like to keep up with his future postings, we’ve added Bob’s blog to our blogroll (say that ten times fast)!