Kudos to “Working Immigrants”

February 9th, 2007 by Julie Ferguson

Congratulations to Peter Rousmaniere on his one year “blogiversary” – it’s been just over a year since he launched Working Immigrants to serve as resource for the exchange of information and ideas about the business of immigrant work: employment, compensation, legal protections, education, and mobility. To commemorate his one year mark, he’s compiled a post listing notable entries from the first year of his blog, a “greatest hits,” of sorts.
Those who follow the blog regularly are aware that Peter is diligent about tracking research reports and public policy matters, and his blog has become an authoritative resource and repository for facts and data on the topic of immigrant workers. His “notable posts” entry serves as a handy cheat sheet on such matters as the size of the illegal work force, where illegal workers work, what the economic impact of the illegal work force is, and much more.
Thanks for an invaluable resource, Peter, and here’s to many more years of blogging!