It’s Health Wonk Review day – 25 and counting

February 8th, 2007 by Julie Ferguson

David Harlow of HealthBlawg is the excellent host of this week’s Health Wonk Review and he notes that it is our silver anniversary, the 25th edition. We have a fine host for such a momentous occasion, too – his post is a thing of beauty, he has done a masterful job of providing context for all the entries.
For those of you who may be wondering, the title of David’s blog is not a misspelling, but a deliberate fusion of the word “blog” and “law” to arrive at “blawg,” the preferred term used by legal bloggers (because “blog” just wasn’t an ungainly enough term in its own right?) David is a health care lawyer and consultant who helps various health care providers, vendors and payers to navigate regulatory maze. His unique perspective and expertise is a good addition to our wonky circle – you may want to drop by HealthBlawg now and again to see what’s on his mind.