News briefs: MA mandatory insurance, Peter Drucker, OR work blog, work safety

November 28th, 2005 by Julie Ferguson

Health insurance: mandatory in Massachusetts?
“Under two major proposals that aim to cover the estimated half million uninsured in Massachusetts, the state would require all residents who can afford it to purchase some type of individual plan or face penalties, such as losing their driver’s licenses.
Massachusetts joins a growing number of states grappling with how to expand coverage at a time when employers are pulling back benefits.
But its call for an “individual mandate” is among the most ambitious – and controversial – healthcare reform plans in the country. If passed, its impact could be far-reaching, experts say.”

Drucker Knew Best
“It would be easy to simply view Drucker�s contributions through the well-known executives he influenced, but that would miss the point. His real contribution to management–workforce management–is through the critical insights, observations and guidance he provided to generations of middle managers everywhere. As The New York Times noted, “Mr. Drucker staunchly defended the need for businesses to be profitable, but he preached that employees were a resource, not a cost. His constant focus on the human impact of management decisions did not always appeal to executives, but they could not help noticing how it helped him to foresee many major trends in business and politics.”
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At Work is a weblog by Brent Hunsberger, a workplace reporter of The Oregonian. Hunsberger began his blog in September, and has been covering a wide range of employment and workplace issues – from Oregon job trends to blog coverage of the recent Wal-Mart memo. It’s well worth checking out – it would be great to see more workplace reporters starting blogs!
Safety Photo
This British site posts photos of work hazards, poor working procedures, and near misses in the workplace as a visual aid to supplement safety training. “This site has little in entertainment value. The content of this site is not to name or shame or to be funny; it is for anyone who has an interest in occupational health and safety and some of the hazards people at work encounter.”
Attacking Ladder Falls – One Rung at a Time
“The direct compensation and medical treatments associated with falls from elevation cost American businesses $4.6 billion, according to Liberty Mutual’s 2005 Workplace Safety Index.”
ASC: Safety at Frito-Lay Inc.: More Addictive than Potato Chips
“A corporate philosophy of prevention, rather than post-accident intervention, manifests itself in the company’s focus on ergonomics and driver safety.”