Results of readership survey

October 7th, 2005 by Julie Ferguson

Thanks to all those of you who have taken our reader survey – the survey is still active if you’d like to take it, but we thought we would report on results to date.
So far, we’ve learned that 63% of the survey respondants visit daily or several times a week; 84% rated the blog as excellent or good; 61% work in the insurance industry; 27% of respondants are clients or friends of Lynch Ryan while 73% have no connection; respondants come from 20 states, as well as Canada, Australia, and Egypt.
Areas of interest:
-Claims management 80%
-Legal issues 80%
-Medical issues 65%
-Online tools, links, resources 61%
-Safety & prevention 59%
-Employer loss reduction tips 55%
-Injured worker info 51%
-Human resource issues 47%
How respondants self identified:
-Employer/manager 22%
-Insurer or TPA 10%
-Regulator 10%
-Law 10%
-Agent/broker 8%
-Health & Safety practioner 8%
-Educator/librarian/trainer 5%
-Consultant 5%
-Employee/injured worker 4%
-Case manager 4%
-Media 4%
-Risk manager 4%
-Financial industry 4%
-Union 2%

We asked survey takers if they had any other areas of interest:
-all related to Workers’ Compensation
-more from around the blogsphere
-more on WC History
-more on fraud
-the criteria for a valid claim
-anything to help clients
We asked survey takers if they had comments/suggestions:
*So far, so good!
*Great information! I don’t know how you could improve.
*More law – decisions, access to state WC law
*Ask me after I’ve used it a few more times Thank you
*I need information on methods to regulate payment to Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Their costs are largely unregulated, I am learning. Sounds like most payers pay ASC 80% of billed charges (ASC’s get to determine the billed charges….).
*Continue to stay current with items such as katrina, asbestos, safety in the workplace, variety in state laws, osha and related commentary and links, you are doing fine to date – maybe add the odd picture or two and some kudos when an employer/employee stands out in the safety dept.
*Only my second visit,( in two days!) Very helpful site.
*Great site!
*Not sure yet, as this is my first visit.
*Keep it fresh!
*More rate, actuarial news would be helpful.
*Great site!
*Do nothing. Just keep it up the same!
*Can’t think of a thing…it’s a great blog.
*Offer more suggestions on how to handle issues that you report on.
*Sorry, I have no suggestions for improvement.
*I like the blog just the way it is.
*I want work in the law feld
*I’ll let you know…
*Include some links to various online resources.
*No suggestions at this time. Keep the articles coming, thank you.
*Just keep up your good work.
*Would like to see a “printer friendly” button that would print out just the pages of the article and not several pages of the side bar.
*Very interesting blog
*You are doing a great job! A little proofreading before you send out your blog would occasionally be useful. Content is usually interesting and links to other articles are useful.
*Site is excellent and meets my needs – I visit daily and am seldom disappointed.
*its great – i love the info – this is the only blog i have come up on my computer and i love it