Happy birthday to us – two years and counting…

September 19th, 2005 by Julie Ferguson

We don’t often toot our own horn but we’re in a celebratory mood after marking our second anniversary of blogging this past weekend. When we embarked on the blog, we weren’t entirely sure what level of interest we’d find for our news and commentaries, but we were gratified to break the 10,000 visitor mark last month.
We thank you, our readers, for keeping us motivated. We’d like to be sure that we address issues that are relevant to you, so we’re running a brief survey to try to learn more about who you are and how we can match your interests. The survey is just a few questions and we respect your anonymity and privacy, so we’d greatly appreciate your participation. Click here to take the survey (Please excuse the pop-up invitation to participate – it should only occur once.)
As part of our anniversary “festivities,” we thought that it might be interesting to take a retrospective look at the posts that garnered the most interest from you, our readers.
1. Independent Contractors, Revisited
2. Independent Contractor or Employee?
3. Exclusive Remedy, “Bad Faith” Claims, and the $12 Million Lawsuit
4. Ohio BWC scandal widens
5. Exception to the “Going and Coming” Rule: Operating Premises
6. Alcoholism and Work: The Devil’s Brew
7. A new prescription for back pain
8. Measuring Success 2
9. 2004 Workers Compensation Premium Rate State Ranking Summary
10. Blowing the Roof Off Workers Comp
11. The Worst Jobs in History
12. The history of workers compensation
13. Iraq Contractors and Workers Compensation
14. Cell Phones and Driving, Revisited
15. Jockeying for a Safer Workplace
16. Independent Contractors: The Solution is a Problem
17. Guns at Work
18. Insurance Industry Scandal Watch
19. Fixing Workers Comp
20. “What Are My Rights?” Employer Frustration With Workers Comp