News roundup from industry publications

June 7th, 2005 by Julie Ferguson

Have you checked out our resource sidebar lately? Besides our “blogroll” of weblogs we find interesting or related, we have also compiled a lengthy list of publications and resources that offer one-stop-shopping for all your industry news. Here are a few recent news items we’ve noted:
If you haven’t done so, check out the site redesign at Business Insurance. It’s a much cleaner, brighter look, and the site seems easier to navigate. The center column is updated with daily news items, and has a blog-like format. The top story today is Judy Greenwald reporting on a Gen Re executive’s guilty plea to a conspiracy charge in connection with a reinsurance deal 4 years ago on behalf of AIG.
Peter Rousmaniere examines the ways that information technology changes how we manage work injury risk in this month’s issue of Risk and Insurance. Four words: easier, faster, better, cheaper.
The editors of Behavioral Healthcare Tomorrow have issued 2005 Almanac for Mental Health & Addiction Professionals. It provides an annual roundup of statistical trends in mental health and addiction. One section of the report examines social costs and expenditures associated with adult mental illness and substance use disorders, as well as at treatment trends and outcomes in adult care.
Workforce Week is a great HR publication that’s always worth a look-see – we’ve been remiss in not adding it to our resource sidebar but will now do so. The current online issue has an article on the Temp-to-Hire trend that is becoming a full-time practice at many firms.
The recent issue of Risk Factor features an article on obesity in the workplace by Lori Widmer.
Mike Moody has a good article on captives in this month’s issue of Rough Notes. And while at the site, check out the new digital issue format that is being introduced. Rough Notes has long been a pioneer in putting so much substantive content online – you can access back issues as early as 1997!