Weblog roundup: AIG, FMLA, CA, OH, employment law issues & more

April 29th, 2005 by Julie Ferguson

AIG ProbeBusiness Insurance reports that New York officials are appointing an outside consultant to audit insurance premiums at American International Group Inc. because workers compensation premiums were improperly booked for more than a decade, according to a Spitzer spokesperson. Law Professors Peter Henning and Ellen Podgor discuss this in greater detail in Ignoring Legal Advice at AIG on their intriguing White Collar Crime Prof Blog. Thanks to Doug Simpson of Unintended Consequences for the pointer.
California watchEmployers’ Attorney Criticizes Cuts In Workers’ Comp Benefits. An article in Adjuster.com states “In a surprising critique, a former president of an attorneys’ group that represents employers and insurers says benefits for disabled workers have been slashed to “socially unacceptable” levels under Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.”
New business blogBusinessWeek Online has launched its own blog, Blogspotting, where the worlds of business, media and blogs collide – we’ll add this to the sidebar. Thanks to B. Janell Garnier at Benefits Blog for the pointer.
Safety pays in Ohio – Employers that actively participate in the BWC’s safety council program from July 1, 2005 through June 30, 2006 will receive a 4 percent one-time workers