Weblog roundup: workplace violence, volunteers, unions, smoking restrictions & more

March 3rd, 2005 by Julie Ferguson

Diane Pfadenhauer at Strategic HR Lawyer offers workplace violence prevention resources and Michael Fox at Jottings by an Employer’s Lawyer reports on a $2.25 million award in a recent case revolving around violence in the workplace.
Professor Martin Grace at Risk Prof comments on our discussion about volunteers. Ted Frank at Overlawyered has been following the $17M award against Archdiocese of Milwaukee that these posts were based on.
We are happy to see that Kiva.com is back after a hiatus, a great resource for workers comp news, with an emphasis on Ohio.
Jordan Barab at Confined Space continues to shine light on some of the nation’s most important work safety issues as well as some of the nation’s most egregious violators. Be sure to read his recent discussion The New AFL-CIO: Wither Safety & Health? on role that unions have played in health and safety, and the murky future ahead with declining union membership.
RawblogXport points us to a story in Hazards about the approximately 2 million people killed by their work every year throughout the world.
Joe Paduda at Managed Care Matters discussed future health care costs – a timely topic since medical expenses now represent the greater part of the benefit dollar. He also offers a preview of the prescription drug management in workers comp survey that his firm conducts each year.
Ever wonder about how many employers there are in a similar size to your company? Anita Campbell offers a nice pyramid chart depicting size of various market segments.
Workplace Fairness – Flash in the Pan, or Threatening Trend: Workplace Smoking Restrictions.
Congratulations to Thoughts from a Management Lawyer for a crisp new look and new site address. While visiting, catch the post on the recent Nova Scotia Court of Appeal reversal of a workers comp stress claim.