Technophiles take note: medical gadgets galore

January 12th, 2005 by Julie Ferguson

OK, all you early-adapter occupational docs, case managers, and healthcare professionals – or anyone else with a penchant for technology – here’s a fun site to add to your bookmarks: Medgadget is a weblog featuring the latest medical gadgets and technologies. A sampling of recent posts include an AutoPulse resuscitation system, a pill sized thermometer that monitors body temperature and transmits data to a hand-held, and a no-post-office-should-be-without-one anthrax “smoke detector.”
And for more on emerging medical technologies, Wired’s Med Tech Center usually has some interesting articles. You might also want to visit Engadget and Gizmodo, both fun sites for technophiles who are looking to be more efficient both on the job and off. And if you have a yen to put some of those new tech toys to use in your occupational practice, you might check out some of the news and reviews at or Palmdoc Chronicles.