Thanksgiving and how to avoid too much of a good thing

November 25th, 2004 by Julie Ferguson

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers, particularly those for whom the day is business as usual – police, firefighters, healthcare workers, soldiers, waiters, cooks, utilities workers – for thousands of workers, it’s just another day at the office. Hats off to all the workers who keep things running well and safely so the rest of us can enjoy the day!
Whether you’re working or relaxing, you may want to be on your guard. Conventional wisdom holds that turkey makes you tired, although a scientific explanation for post-feast drowsiness would lay the blame on the entire dinner rather than just the turkey. Too much of a good thing is common risk today so we offer a few tips on how to avoid overeating when you chow down on your Thanksgiving feast. But if you succumb to that extra piece of pumpkin pie and feel the ill effects later, you may want to learn more about heartburn.
Wherever you spend the day, take care in your travels. It’s easy to be in too much of a hurry, to be distracted, or to have one too many drinks – be sure to drive safely.
Bon Appetit!