Health & safety resources from Canada

November 8th, 2004 by Julie Ferguson

Most U.S. risk managers and health & safety staff are no doubt familiar with the many online prevention resources available at OSHA, but some may be less familiar with resources available from our neighbors to the north. Canada’s Center for Occupational Heath & Safety (CCOHS) is available in English, French, and Spanish – an invaluable resource for employers with a multi-lingual work force. It’s a vast site – one of the most useful sections can be found at OSH Answers, topic-specific health & safety information.
The Workers’ Compensation Board of British Coolumbia also provides a wealth of resources at its online Health & Safety Center. The site includes in-depth resources for a variety of specific industries ranging form heavy industries like forestry and petroleum to lighter industries like performing arts and tourism. In addition, the site features free downloadable stickers and hazard alert posters. I’m always partial to interactive *toys* so I found the push, pull, carry and the what does an accident really cost calculators rather intriguing.

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