Weblog roundup: subrogation, TB in DC & VA, CFO survey, PBMs, robots, & more

July 22nd, 2004 by Julie Ferguson

Construction site injury – can someone other than a comp carrier be liable? – subrogation case law from Michigan Comp Law.
A few recent offerings from Jordan Barab at Confined Space: TB Control in DC and VA and Immigrant Worker Fatalities – the Facts
Duke University CFO Survey – Duke University�s Fuqua School of Business polls the CFOs of both public and private companies in the U.S. representing a broad range of industries, geographic areas and revenues. (via Synergy Fest)
10 Questions That Benefits Managers Should Ask Their PBM“Pharmaceutical Benefits Managers are often known simply as �PBMs.� While they are largely unrecognized by most employees — and even by many benefits managers — they have a tremendous impact on US health care decision-making because they influence more than 80 percent of prescription drug coverage. … So how can you, as a benefits manager, make the best pharmacy decision for your employees?”(via Benefitsblog)
When good robots go bad – Industrial robotics provide unforeseen risks to humans. “In many of the reported cases, the injured workers were frequently found to have been inside the robot’s safeguarded or restricted space during its automatic operation. In all cases the robot was following its programmed path; it was not behaving in an erratic or unexpected fashion. Finally, the injured workers were performing foreseeable tasks, such as repair or maintenance work, or were attempting to free up some kind of jam or problem.”
(Via rawblogXport)

Cases Hold Date of Injury in Cumulative Trauma Case is Last Day of Work
– recent case law in PA from PAWC.
And two more legal resources to add to our sidebar: California Labor & Employment Law – A legal weblog (blawg) dedicated to news & issues surrounding labor & employment law in California. (via Inter Alia) and Lawyer News (via Ernie the Attorney).

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