A tip of the hat…

March 30th, 2004 by Julie Ferguson

Kudos and confetti to Jordan Barab at Confined Space who marked one year of fine blogging yesterday. He is a dedicated and tireless voice for the safety of the worker and we learn something new and important (albeit disturbing) every time we visit his site. Thanks for your efforts, Jordan — it’s excellent and important work that you do — one could only hope that we would all see the day when you would have less sad news to report.
A warm note of appreciation is also in store for Anita Campbell at Small Business Trends. Yesterday, we enjoyed the unexpected distinction of having Workers Comp Insider featured in her PowerBlog Review. Very kind of you to say such nice things, Anita — it’s a mutual admiration society. Visit the sidebar at Small Business Trends to read about other business blogs that have been featured in this series – it’s a good way to explore how businesses are using weblogs.

We’ve added a few new blogs and resources to our sidebar that visitors might want to note…Benefitsblog features tax, benefits, and ERISA law commentary and news; the HealthLawBlog tracks state and local news and matters in health law; and rawblogXport focuses on job safety, union news, and worker rights — they are all worth a visit.

A few more sidebar additions: check out Occupational Hazards, a news headline aggregator on issues related to workplace health & safety; and if you just can’t get enough blogs, The Blog Herald highlights news from the blog world.